My Previous Portfolio

My Updated Portfolio

Why did I change?

I decided to change portfolios because I realized that my old portfolio was linked to my student Adobe account, as it is an Adobe Portfolio site. This means that when it comes to after my studies, I will lose all of my work and the portfolio. Also, there were not a lot of free templates and I didn’t feel like the portfolio represented me as a brand.

Why Wix?

I looked into many different options for website hosting and creation such as WordPress, Squarespace, Go Daddy and Wix. I also researched the best website builders in 2021.

Article for the Best 10 Website Builders 2021

Article Best UK Web Builders

Article for Best UK Website Builders 2021

As you can see from all 3 sources, Wix was definitely the most popular.

I was very torn between WordPress and Wix because I started to use it for free using them both to compare.

For my portfolio I want to create a showreel that is featured on my portfolio, therefore I was trying to find the best way to incorporate video into the site.

The reasons I decided to stay with Wix instead of WordPress:

  • Personal preference, I just preferred the ease and usability from Wix.
  • Familiarity. I have used Wix in the past for free site projects and creating a store for my designs.
  • Can upload videos not Youtube links with ads. (Beneficial for my showreel).
  • Cheaper and easier to use.
  • I found WordPress very fiddly and awkward and I struggled to get the designs the way I wanted.

I decided to pay for a domain and a premium site because not only was there an offer for 50% off but also it made my brand look more professional and hopefully would advance the process for looking for jobs over the next year.

I also applied for the No Hidden Costs Fund to see if some of the costs could be covered for the project.