Adobe XD is great for consistency as you are able to create styles, components and import libraries from your Adobe account. This makes it easier when designing products for companies where you need to reuse assets and brand colours/ fonts and styles.

Ease of Use

I found that Adobe XD is very easy to use and offers a neat/ clean and organised workstation. This makes it easier when it comes to bigger and more complex projects.

Everything in one place

The good thing about XD is that you can design, prototype and share your prototypes for research and user feedback. This means you can do all of these things in the same app and reduces the need for moving projects around and using multiple apps.


As Adobe XD is a part of the Creative Suite, it means that you can import Photoshop files, Illustrator files easily into the artboard, while also keeping layer information. Also XD allows you to easily import artboards and assets into After Effects.

Constantly improving

Adobe is well known for technical updates and keeping up with modern trends.