The aim of the project in Semester B is to demonstrate a variety of UX and UI design skills and evidence my artistic and technical capabilities.


The individual objectives that will help me achieve this aim are:


  • Research updated industry UX/UI design processes and trends.
  • Gather research and inspiration for both technical and artistic case studies.
  • Develop and learn new technical and creative skills. (Including relevant software).
  • Experiment with a variety of ideas to come up with a personal style.
  • Produce multiple UX products to fit a variety of different needs.
  • Create prototypes and mock-ups to visualise the final products.
  • Effectively layout my portfolio to demonstrate my work.
  • Document my process to visualize the improvement in the quality of my work and reflect on how I can improve.


The project type is a Portfolio, this is due to the fact my work will consist of multiple products to build up the final portfolio. The purpose is to demonstrate useful and relevant skills, therefore a portfolio project will be the most effective.


A brief abstract of the concepts:


  • I could come up with my own hypothetical company/ brand and design UX products for my own identity. I could experiment with specific areas, and just focus on UI design and create animated pages and screens, this would give me creative flexibility.


The intended audience is potential employers who are looking into my design skills and industry knowledge. I could also target potential clients for freelance work, as well as recruiters and other artists/ designers to collaborate.


The platform and final form of the output for the semester B project are through a digital portfolio (website/ webpage/ Behance/ Artstation, dribble, social media, etc). It will also be a variety of prototypes, mockups and videos of the UX/UI Design products featured in the portfolio.


This project will extend my creative and technical skills as I will be given the opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles and purposes, therefore allowing me to explore and learn different skills, as well as defining existing skills and knowledge.

I will use a variety of evidence including Still Renders, Videos of Process, Time Lapse videos, Audio logs, physical prototypes, blog posts, etc.