After Effects Tutorials for UI Design Animation

I decided to look into tutorials for making scenes move, as I had an idea for the Game UI Menu project. I could make the trees move and add flying birds into the scene. I found these tutorials the most helpful as they were easy to understand.

I found these videos very enlightening and it taught me how easily I can manipulate a scene.

I then looked into how to animate elements for UI/UX design using After Effects. Here are some of the videos I found.

I liked the idea of creating a Parallax swipe interaction so I watched some tutorials on this.

After Effects Tutorials for Motion Graphics

I decided to watch some tutorials on Motion Graphics as it would give me more knowledge and ideas for my trailer/ portfolio showreel.

After Effects for Visual Effects

I also had an idea for the Game UI Menu, I thought I could create a disintegrating title or add particles to bring the scene to life.